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What We Do

Metralis develops software and control systems for industrial and quality control applications.  We specialize in integrating precision measurement systems with computer-controlled automation devices to create complete end-to-end data acquisition solutions.

At Metralis, we will work with you to adapt one of our shrink-wrapped commercial products to suit your particular needs, or we will design a complete, custom solution for whatever control application you have.  We will work with you at every level of the solution -- from the device I/O, to data storage, to the user interface -- to ensure that your needs are met.

Interested in more details?  Click here to find out more about the technologies we use a Metralis.

Interested in On The Mark?

On The Mark is our entry-level data acquisition and collection software.  It provides support for collecting data from a group of probes, both in discrete intervals and in real-time.  On The Mark also provides facilities for basic data analysis and the ability to export the collected data to several popular formats.

If you are looking for information about On The Mark, you can visit the products page or the support page for additional information and technical support.

NEW!  We have a demonstration edition of On The Mark version 1.2 available for download!

Contact Information

You can contact Metralis at the following locations:


Web:  http://www.metralis.com/
FTP: ftp://ftp.metralis.com/pub/

Telephone:  216.533.9297
Post:  30528 Detroit Road #174 / Westlake, OH / 44145

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